Netwave NW-6000 VDR Product description

  • The Netwave NW-6000 VDR has a versatile design. It can be installed in
    a 19” rack or can be supplied in a bulkhead mounted casing. It can either be
    placed inside the navigation console or against any flat surface. Because of
    its Power-Over-Ethernet design, cable running is reduced to the minimum.

  • The benefit is faster (and therefore more economical) installation and ease
    of service. Because of the special design, the Netwave VDR can easily be
    adapted for any type of newbuilding installations as part of IBS, or being used
    to replace older VDR solutions.

  • Contrary to most other systems on the market, NetWave’s NW-6000 VDR
    system architecture is unique in the fact that the various components throughout
    the ship are interconnected by means of one single Ethernet cable, Both Power
    and Data are provided over this very same single cable, eliminating the need for
    extensive and complex, and therefore costly, cabling requirements.
    Compared to other VDR systems, cabling costs are typically reduced by 50%!

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Netwave NW-6000 S-VDR Product description

  • Netwave’s Simplified VDR technology is scalable to support both system
    requirements based on the same foundation components but designed with
    ease of installation and particularly retrofit installation requirements in mind.

  • In 2004 amendments to Regulation 20 of SOLAS Chapter V introduced
    a requirement for a simplified version of a VDR – to assist in casualty
    investigations, cargo ships, when engaged on international voyages.
    S-VDRs are equally relevant in terms of data capture of operational activity
    on board the vessel, but an S-VDR is required to collect less information.

  • Essentially, both systems collect and protect data of incidents or events
    on board for a minimum of 12 hours of uninterrupted recording.
    Both devices require bridge microphones, radar video and VHF audio to capture
    navigational data but the full VDR has additional compulsory channels to be
    recorded, for example echo sounder, propulsion, water tight doors, fire detection.

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