SAAB R6 Supreme AIS/VDES Product description

  • The SAAB R6 Supreme system is the new generation of shipborne Class-A
    Transponder system that represents the pinnacle of innovation in the field
    of AIS and VDES technology. It is type approved for AIS and prepared for future
    VDES functionality with its new state- of-the-art Software Defined Radio
    providing an outstanding AIS sensitivity of -118 dBm. Designed and tested to
    IEC 61993-2 and future ITU-R M.2092-1 as applicable.

  • It is equipped with an all-new Control and Display Unit (CDU), featuring a
    speedy modern graphical user interface (GUI) in a brilliant, sunlight readable
    7-inch touch display with accurate colours at any viewing angle.

  • The R6 Supreme can be integrated with a SAAB type approved Navigation
    GNSS receiver, and share the Control and Display Unit (CDU) to minimize the
    number of screens on the bridge and lower the cost for equipment and installation.

  • The R6 Supreme AIS/VDES system can easily be integrated with other
    on-board systems such ECDIS, radar or other display solutions using
    traditional NMEA serial communication or network interface.

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SAILOR 6280 AIS Product description

  • The SAILOR 6280 AIS System (Class A) is a SAILOR product through
    and through. From the innovative ‘black box’ system design and user friendly
    touch screen operation, to flexible installation possibilities and inherent durability.

  • A major innovation of the SAILOR 6280 AIS System is its modular design.
    Being a ‘black box’ solution ensures highly flexible installation possibilities.
    It is 100 % network integrated; just install the black box transponder
    wherever convenient and connect it via LAN (using the sophisticated Lightweight
    Ethernet protocol) to the SAILOR 6004 Control Panel (touch display) for complete
    installation flexibility.

  • Features:
    - All parts included in the box, even the Active GPS Antenna
    - Built-in Self-diagnostic system
    - Possibility for one-antenna installation
    - River use compliant
    – Compliant with CCNR requirements
    - Works with both GPS and GLONASS
    - Support message for Long Range Satellite tracking
    - Interface for ‘Pilot Plug
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Em Trak A200 AIS Product description

  • The A200 is a SOLAS and Inland Waterway certified AIS Class A transceiver,
    compliant with all national and international (IMO) commercial vessel regulations.

  • As a single integrated unit with high definition colour display, and IPx6 and IPx7
    weather and waterproofing, the A200 is easy to configure, install, operate and
    connect to all bridge systems.

  • The A200 incorporates a range of enhanced functionality, which includes vessel
    display filters, colour ENC, MOB and SART alerts.

  • With its integrated colour display, the A200 plays an important role in tracking,
    collision avoidance and CPA when vessels are in busy port areas.
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Simrad V5035 AIS Product description

  • The Simrad V5035 is a fully featured Class-A AIS transponder system,
    IMO type approved for use aboard SOLAS vessels.

  • As a standalone solution with integrated display and included GPS antenna,
    junction box, and pilot plug assembly, the V5035 cost-effectively delivers a
    complete solution. *Requires VHF antenna to be procured separately.

  • The V5035 offers support for multiple external sensors and integration with
    Simrad navigation and charting systems, external GPS receivers, radar systems,
    voyage data recorders and other NMEA 0183®/2000® devices.
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Simrad NAIS 500 AIS Product description

  • The Simrad NAIS-500 is an AIS Class B transceiver which transmit at a lower
    power and at a lower reporting rate than class A transceivers.

  • The NAIS-500 ensures that you are seen and can see on the water by sending
    a signal to other vessels with your navigational data, whilst you receive data
    from other vessels. This allows you to plan any necessary avoidance manoeuvres
    well in advance.

  • Networks with Simrad NSS, NSO, or GO series chartplotter / multifunction
    display and marine VHF radio for a fully integrated system.

  • Compatible with NMEA 2000®, NMEA 0183®, NMEA 0183® multiplexing
    and USB.
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