SAILOR 6130 mini-C LRIT Product description

  • The SAILOR 6130 mini-C LRIT enables straightforward LRIT
    compliance through ease of operation and reliability, so offers the
    same benefits towards acceptance and compliance as the widely
    accepted legacy SAILOR 3000 LRIT system that it replaces, but with
    a number of key enhancements. It is approved by Inmarsat and major
    flag ASP state administrators and is fully compliant with the
    performance requirements described in IMO Resolution MSC.263(84).

  • The terminal is a single, self-contained and sealed unit, housing
    both antenna and transceiver. This design approach has proven to be
    rugged and reliable regardless of vessel type and with the terminal's
    50 channel GPS module and high gain omni-directional antenna,
    satellite fix and position are ensured even under the most adverse conditions.

  • A Terminal Control Unit (TCU) (Thrane 6194) is the key connection
    point in the system and allows operators to quickly determine
    system status such as power, Inmarsat log-in and GPS fix. This
    information can determine operational status of the system towards
    your flag ASP or other physical inspections and help to negate the
    risk of any penalties for non-compliance.
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SIRIUS One - LRIT Product description

  • The Pole Star SIRIUS One is standalone LRIT transceiver which
    satisfy LRIT compliance needs globally, including A4 regions.

  • Utilising the Iridium satellite network as well as a cutting edge low
    powered combined GPS and GLONASS module, SIRIUS One delivers
    an excellent solution to satisfy ship operators obligations for LRIT

  • Iridium Satellites provide not only true global tracking and connectivity,
    but also relieve you from the constraints of the geo-stationary
    satellites that limit the placement of the transceiver on-board vessels.

  • Comes with a free Pole Star LRIT test code.
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