NSS evo3S Navigation System

Product description

  • The SIMRAD NSSevo3S allows users to experience unprecedented levels
    of built-in functionality under all conditions using charts, radar, sonar, and
    more. With a built-in GPS receiver and high performance echo sounder,
    support for HALO dome and open array radars, as well as integration with
    an industry-leading range of Simrad autopilot systems.

  • With a clear view in any lighting conditions, SolarMAX IPS technology keeps
    everything in sight with ultra-wide viewing angles, even while wearing polarised

  • 1kW CHIRP-enabled sonar provides exceptional bottom-tracking performance,
    including support for dual-channel CHIRP transducers that deliver multiple
    depth range coverage from a single unit.

  • The Simrad NSS evo3S is available in 9, 12 and 16-inch multi- touch display

  • Displays can be mirrored to compatible iOS and Android devices for access
    to charts, radar, sonar, engine data and more from anywhere on board.
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NSO evo3S Navigation System Product description

  • Every NSO evo3S display features the new iMX 8 integrated six-core
    processor delivering category leading response times for incredibly smooth
    screen transitions.

  • The NSO evo3S delivers the ultimate view with an ultra-bright display,
    available in 16, 19 and 24-inch widescreen sizes. Wide viewing angles keep
    the screen in view from anywhere in sight, even if you’re wearing polarized
    sunglasses. Experience stunning clarity with Full HD resolution, and the option
    to combine up to six panels in a split screen layout. Intuitively navigate charts,
    define waypoints, and take control of connected systems such as autopilot,
    radar, and sonar with a touch.

  • The NSO evo3S System Pack contains an OP50 Remote Controller which
    provides keypad control of up to six displays, perfect for a multi-display helm
    layout. Built-in wireless connectivity links NSO evo3S to your existing mobile
    devices for remote viewing and control, and delivers easy online software
    upgrades via any wireless internet hotspot.
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NSO evo3S Processor Product description

  • The NSO evo3S marine processor is a compact ‘black box’ solution containing
    two six-core processors and the connectivity options needed to integrate and
    expand your system vessel-wide.
    Customize it the way you want: add two touchscreen or keypad monitors
    in your choice of size, with each functioning as a separate multifunction display;
    connect with a wide range of Simrad and third party accessories from charting,
    radar and sonar, to autopilot and on-board entertainment, for complete system
    control from every networked display on board.

  • Each monitor works as a full-featured multifunction display providing access
    to charts, radar, sonar, and more. Add two displays side-by- side at a single
    station, or create two separate stations for individual crew members to use
    simultaneously. Network additional NSO evo3S processors to add extra displays,
    perfect for dual-helm vessels.

  • A modular design simplifies wiring and avoids the need to carry extra hardware,
    such as GPS receivers or sounder modules, for every display on board.
    Accessories can be added as required – simply connect to your NSO evo3S
    below deck without the need to be networked with each individual display
    at the helm.
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