Simrad GC80 / GC85
Product description

  • The Simrad GC80/GC85 are fully IMO type approved gyrocompasses for standard vessels (GC80) and High Speed Craft (GC85)..

  • The unique technology in the gyrocompass eliminates the need for
    annual service. The highest possible accuracy and stability is
    provided by a sophisticated and fully sealed sensitive element.

  • The Simrad GC80 and GC85 gyrocompasses are available with
    Compact, Dual or Expanded control units for installation as part of a
    single- or multi-gyro system.

  • Easily incorporated into new vessels or retrofits, the GC80 and GC85
    suit a variety of applications from navigation for merchant vessels to
    dynamic positioning for OSVs.
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Simrad HS80A GNSS Compass /
MX575D D/GNSS Compass
Product description


  • The Simrad HS80A GNSS and MX575D D/GNSS compasses are
    designed to provide reliable heading, ROT and position information
    to other navigation systems.

  • Both models are IMO Type-Approved as a primary positioning and
    heading device when used with Simrad Control Display Unit P3007.

  • The HS80A delivers heading accuracy of better than 0.5° and provide
    sub-meter DGPS positioning accuracy. This level of accuracy is
    achieved in the HS80A from SBAS. The HS80A is supplied with
    NMEA 2000 as the standard interface, but can be used as a NMEA
    0183 device with an optional cable.

  • The MX575D delivers heading accuracy of better than 0.5° and provide
    sub-meter DGPS positioning accuracy. This level of accuracy is
    achieved in the MX575D by using the RTCM correction data supplied
    from its internal beacon demodulator or from SBAS. The standard
    interface on the MX575D is NMEA 0183, but can also be used as a
    NMEA 2000 device with an optional adaptor.
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Simrad HS75 GNSS Compass
Product description

  • The Simrad HS75 GNSS supports GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo,
    and QZSS for pinpoint global positioning and heading accuracy.

  • The commercial-grade HS75 offers heading accuracy to within 0.75
    degrees: much greater than a common magnetic rate compass,
    without the cost and maintenance of a gyrocompass.

  • The HS75 also calculates Rate of turn, Heave, Pitch, and Roll. Rate of
    turn is essential for optimal autopilot performance, while Heave data is
    used by some sonar equipment to compensate for the effects of wave
    action. This additional data is output to compatible equipment over
    NMEA 2000® network.

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Simrad HS60 GPS Compass
Product description

  • The Simrad HS60 GPS Compass brings a series of new features to a
    traditional heading sensor including rate of turn, pitch and roll output.

  • The HS60 uses SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, etc.) for differential
    GPS positioning providing a low cost, yet highly effective heading and
    position based smart antenna.

  • The rugged and low profile enclosure provides two multipath-resistant
    antennas for accuracy, portability and simple installation. The
    maintenance free smart antenna, mounts easily to a flat surface or

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Simrad Precision-9 Compass
Product description

  • The Simrad Precision-9 Compass is designed to supply heading and
    rate-of-turn information to Simrad autopilot, radar and navigation
    systems aboard non-SOLAS vessels.

  • Incorporating a nine-axis array of solid-state motion and orientation
    sensors, the Precision-9 also provides accurate pitch and roll data to
    compatible equipment via its NMEA 2000® interface.

  • An adjustable mounting bracket and single-cable connection allow
    simple and cost-effective installation aboard any vessel, including an
    up-mast mounting option suitable for steel hulls.

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