- Magnetic Compass Binnacles
Product description

  • The MK2020S magnetic compass is intended for commercial vessels over
    150GRT, fishing vessels over 35m and naval vessels with or without DG

  • Suitable for use with Lilley & Gillie (and other) Transmitting Magnetic Compass
    (TMC) equipment to operate repeaters, off-course alarms and outputs to
    navigation equipment including gyro back up.

  • Available either in reflector or non-reflector versions, in white or grey.

  • Type approved to the European Marine Equipment Directive (MED),
    Chinese Classification Society and other Maritime Authorities.
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- Magnetic Compass Binnacles
Product description

  • The MK2002S is reduced height magnetic compass system according
    to current IMO legislation for vessels on restricted service or under 150 GRT.

  • Design Features:
    • Reduced shipyard installation work
    • Improved watertightness around deck/periscope area
    • Simple periscope assembly installation and removal
    • Low weight
    • Low voltage lighting within the binnacle
    • Mounting arrangements for various TMC sensors

  • Available either in reflector or non-reflector versions, in white or grey.

  • Approved by BV, CCS and Wheelmarked.
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Transmitting Magnetic Compass System Product description

  • The GS820 TMC uses a sensor coil that can “read” the compass it is
    attached to. The resulting signal is in industry-standard NMEA for sharing
    with other equipment such as autopilots and VDRs. It can also be used as
    an input for heading repeaters such as the P1920 Steering repeater or
    P1251 UDDU multifunction display.

  • The P1913 sensor coil used in the GS820 has been designed with high
    tolerances for magnetic strength so it can be used with a wide variety
    of compasses. It is also remarkably easy to fit. With options for additional
    brackets if needed for other compasses or a neat removable solution for top

  • The main electronics unit in the GS820 also acts as an indicator with
    options to show either the compass heading (as shown on the compass)
    or the magnetic heading (corrected for the ship’s deviation) in either
    numerical or tape form.

SESTREL Navigator Compass Product description

  • The SESTREL Navigator Compass is suitable for non IMO commercial vessels
    for leisure, small crafts and military operators.

  • Available in three models, all including a compass dome cover in matching
    colour (black or white). The B and C correction are built in on both Well-Fit
    and Binnacle versions. Heeling correction pockets included (user to provide
    magnets). Quadrantal Correction (QC) kit available as an option for Binnacle

  • 2 x red LED with built-in drive circuit allowing connection to 12 or 24 VDC.
    Lighting Control Dimmer is an option.

  • Apparent Compass Card Diameter 135mm.
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Cassens & Plath Compasses Product description

  • The Cassens & Plath professional magnetic compasses have a compass
    rose diameter of up to 180 mm.

  • All professional compasses and yacht compasses are assembled and adjusted
    on site as well as tested several times under different test

  • The professional compasses constitute the basis of high quality standards in
    compass construction.

  • Individual solutions are offered for special places on the ship to make the
    reading as accurate and precise as possible.
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Autonautic Compasses Product description

  • The Autonautic magnetic compasses combine with precision and robustness,
    paying attention to the small details that make the difference.

  • All marine compasses are in compliance with Directive 2014/90/EC on Marine
    Equipment with Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/773 and in are accordance
    with the Regulations, Codes or Standards stated on the CE Type Approval
    Certificate (EC Type Examination Certificate - Module B).

  • The extensive portfolio of Autonautic Instrumental includes all type of marine
    compasses, precise clocks, barometers and weather instruments well
    balanced up to the detail.
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