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  • The LOADMASTER® X5 is the world’s most common loading
    computer system with developed superior solutions for any type of
    vessel with functions aimed at increasing onboard efficiency and
    maximising safety during cargo operation.

  • The LOADMASTER® X5 has a user interface that is unparalleled in
    it’s user friendliness. It is designed to be simple enough for
    inexperienced users to operate yet it still provides a full range of
    powerful features for experienced users. With the Type Approved
    LOADMASTER® X5 you will be in possession of the most powerful
    and versatile cargo planning and stability application available.

  • Every LOADMASTER® X5 delivered contains at its core a base
    module that is packed with calculative tools that fulfill the mandatory
    stress and stability requirements imposed by the maritime authorities.
    The base module is also flexible enough to contain additional ship-
    specific mandatory tools such as in the case of bulk carriers where
    automatic checks are made against flooded holds as per the rules.

  • Ship's specific packages:
    - Bulk package
    - Tanker package
    - Container package
    - Ro/Ro package
    - Cruise package
    - LNG/LPG package
    - Offshore package

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