DHR Searchlights Product description



  • The DHR Searchlights built to meet the highest technical requirements with
    application in the marine industry and pleasure crafts. The DHR Searchlights
    can be Deck operated or controlled by Cabin control or Remote control
    (Control panel or Joystick).

  • Products range:

    - LED Searchlights
      mirror: 150mm - 300mm
      power: 10W - 250W
      range: 447m - 1732m

    - Sealed beam Searchlights
      diameter: 210mm
      power: 1000W
      range: 630m

    - Halogen Searchlights
      diameter: 420mm
      power: 2000W
      range: 1225m

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ACR Searchlights Product description



  • The ACR LED Searchlights are designed for pleasure and professional craft,
    yacht, mega yacht, fish and commercial vessels. All searchlights are remote
    controlled and can be made in white or black colour.

  • Products range:

    - RCL-85 LED
       6 High Flux LEDs (OSRAM)
       240,000 Peak Candela, Max Beam Distance 980m
       350° Rotation and 90° Tilt
       12-24V Power Connection
       IP56 (Housing) / IP68 (LED Module)
       Wireless Handheld Remote (Included)

    - RCL-95 LED
       10 High Flux LEDs (OSRAM)
       460,000 Peak Candela, Max Beam Distance 1.372m
       360° Continuous Rotation and 135° Tilt
       12-24V Power Connection and 5m Wired Joystick Control Cable
       IP56 (Housing) / IP68 (LED Module)
       Wireless Handheld Remote & Wired Dash Mount Joystick (Included)

    - RCL-100 LED
       9 LED Array
       220,000 Peak Candela
       360° Continuous Rotation and Elevation Angle 9° up, 17° down
       12-24V Power Connection
       Master Controller and Wired Point Pad Controller (Included)

Francis Searchlights Product description


  • The Francis Searchlights provide the ability to see a situation clearly and
    concisely with the help of 40W to 7 kW searchlights, from 180 to 710mm
    diameter barrels.

  • Products range:

    - High Power LED Range (40W - 600W)
      Manual & Remote Control

    - Voyager Range Halogen, Xenon, Em Arc & LED (100W - 350W)
      Remote Control

    - Halogen FR Range (100W - 2000W)
      Manual & Remote Control

    - Halogen Lite Range (100W - 2000W)
      Manual & Remote Control

    - Xenon Range (100W - 7000W)
      Manual & Remote Control

    - Metal Halide Range (70W - 1200W)
      Manual & Remote Control

    - Small Spolight Range (40W - 250W)

    - Architectural & Extravaganza (70W - 7000W)

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