SAILOR 6120 mini-C SSAS Product description

  • The SAILOR 6120 mini-C SSAS is a single, self-contained and sealed
    terminal, housing both antenna and transceiver. It meets all requirements
    for an SSAS and provides reliable operation as Satellite fix and position
    are ensured even under the most adverse conditions, thanks to
    an integral 50 channel GPS module and high gain omni- directional antenna

  • Multiple address functionality means additional SSAS messages may be
    sent directly to, e.g. the vessel owner, operator or crew family, in addition
    to the required flag state and ship owner message in relation to the ISPS code.
    Alert buttons have been made as small as possible to ease installation and
    concealment whilst configuration and re-configuration may be done remotely
    with no crew interaction.

  • A Terminal Control Unit (TCU) is the key connection point in the system
    and allows operators to quickly determine system status such as power,
    Inmarsat log-in and GPS fix. SSAS status is indicated by the alert and
    test buttons respectively.
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DSAS MkII Product description


  • The Polestar DSAS MkII is a fully compliant, premium product designed for
    the user who requires a comprehensive solution for effectively managing security
    incidents. The unit is self-contained and consists of a compact, integrated
    Inmarsat/GPS transceiver, power management unit, back-up batteries and
    two alert activation points.

  • It is constructed using a tough polycarbonate enclosure which is, in turn,
    protected by a stainless steel casing. Installation is straightforward and,
    with the Pole Star SSAS Management System, security alert management
    is easy.

  • With no external antenna, the unit does not resemble typical Satcom
    equipment and is therefore likely to escape hijacker/terrorist attention.
    In the event that the DSAS Mk2 power cable is cut or the ship’s main
    power is down, the unit will remain functional for several days on
    back up batteries.
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