NBF-3 NMEA Buffer

Product description

  • The Actisense NMEA 0183 Buffer isolates and buffers NMEA 0183
    data, with the power to drive multiple devices.

  • Ground breaking ISO-Drive technology from Actisense means you can
    safely connect to 6 NMEA 0183 Listeners to the NBF-3 with complete
    peace of mind that your devices are safe from hazardous ground
    loops. The OPTO-isolated input also protects the connected Talker.

  • The NBF-3 can distribute up to six identical, amplified streams of data
    from one source. The NMEA signals are buffered to ensure that each
    Listener receives the data at the required voltage levels, providing
    consistent data quality.

  • The NBF-3 has the addition of power distribution for the NMEA Talker.
    By having power and data from the same source, cabling requirements
    are reduced and installation is simple.

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NDC-5 NMEA 0183 Multiplexer

Product description

  • The Actisense NDC-5 is more than just an NMEA 0183 Combiner/
    Multiplexer which provides an installer with a highly flexible platform
    that can be used to solve many NMEA 0183 interconnectivity

  • The configuration tool is accessible via any popular web browser
    (using the Ethernet port) so there are no PC operating system
    compatibility issues to contend with. Using the web based
    configuration tool will allow the user to finely tune the exact data
    available on each output. The default setup is for all data to go to all

  • Pluggable connectors allow new devices to be easily installed without
    the need to remove the NDC-5 from its mounted location. A professi-
    onal DIN rail mounting mechanism keeps the NDC-5 secure in high
    vibration environments. Helpful LEDs indicate power, data in, and
    status conditions to aid diagnostics.

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USG-2 USB to NMEA 0183 Gateway

Product description

  • The Acisense USG-2 converts a USB port into a bi-directional serial
    port suitable for connecting to a marine standard NMEA 0183 data

  • Electrical isolation is provided by the ISO-DriveTM output and OPTO-
    isolated input making installation simple and free from ground loops
    and far safer connection when compared to standard USB to serial

  • Multiple LEDs make diagnosing connection issues quick and easy.
    The blue power LED Illuminates solid blue when the USB driver has
    successfully loaded and the USG-2 is powered, while a green (receive)
    LED and an orange (transmit) LED indicate whether data is present.

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NGT-1 NMEA 2000 to PC Interface

Product description

  • The Actisense NGT-1 is the only intelligent NMEA 2000 gateway
    available to precisely transfer messages to and from the NMEA 2000

  • The NGT-1 is available in two versions:
    NGT-1-USB is the standard option - USB interface for bi-directional connection to a PC.
    NGT-1-ISO is a more specialist option - Opto-isolated input and ISO-Drive output for a direct PC bi-directional connection.

    Both versions are available with the SeaTalkNG to NMEA 2000 adaptor Cable - STNG-A06045

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W2K-1 NMEA 2000 to Wi-Fi

Product description

  • The Actisense W2K-1 is a compact and low-power NMEA 2000 to
    Wi-Fi Gateway with voyage data recording. It transfers data from an
    NMEA 2000 backbone to any device (e.g. laptop, tablet or
    smartphone) connected to it via Wi-Fi.

  • It has built-in conversion of NMEA 2000 messages into NMEA 0183
    sentences thus allowing a wide variety of vessel data (e.g. position,
    speed, course, wind speed, depth, engine data, AIS messages etc.)
    to be shared with NMEA 0183 compatible software applications
    running on connected devices.

  • All the data received (or a selected subset) can be logged to its
    internal micro SD card for later downloading to use for analysing the
    voyage. This is very useful for analysing race data, generating
    logbooks, diagnosing problems or even sharing your voyage details.
    Approximately 16 days of data can be stored on the pre-installed
    industrial grade micro SD card, which can be upgraded should the
    user require more storage.

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